About Us

How it all began

I was in my late 30s when I first realised the value of an active lifestyle. 

Over the years, what intrigued me was that with the same eating parameters, same workouts and same amount of time spent exercising, different people had different results.

Slowly, I discovered the ‘SMALL’ big difference: MOVEMENT

Most of us go back to ten-hour desk jobs after exercising for 60/ 90 minutes, take the lift instead of the stairs, spend a lot of time on the sofa/chair unconsciously slouching, eating generous portions of healthy-looking food - all of this because we assume our workout for the day is done!

Some research and thinking later, I discovered a lifestyle which is now called N.E.A.T. (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis), adding more energy expenditure through movements all day long, taking stairs instead of lifts, maintaining postures, using a standing desk instead of sitting etc. The compound effect of including seemingly small movements that led to healthier results.

I got excited about introducing the simplicity of this to everyone, the ease of building an active lifestyle. That gave birth to the idea of a fit citizen…Fitizen!

We experimented, friends became testers, on paper fantastic products did not make to reality, little bits of uncertainty peeped in till we found our mix.

We married the concepts of Movement, Workouts, Nutrition and Posture to make it easy for you to make healthy choices every day; this remains our DNA. Every product, every offering at FITIZEN now has simplicity & ease at its core.

Movement desks were introduced because people at desk jobs find it most difficult to get movement into their long hours. We found out that portion plates make it surprisingly easy to regulate the portions and kind of food choices we make. Fitness kits that allow synergistic workouts and add movement, stability along with balance, made its way into our product line because it allows movement anytime and anywhere.

Our products multiplied but our philosophy remains – Fitness is simple.


With all that said, Fitizen continues to explore, design, build experiences and products that help you with small changes that make large differences on your way to better health.

Keep Moving, Movement is Life!

Reji Mathew, Founder, FITIZEN

Our Values


A healthy YOU is at the core of everything that we envision, conceptualise and act on.


We strike a balance between basics, functionality and aesthetics by adopting minimalism as a philosophy in designing our products for you.


We want you to have as much fun adding movement to your life as we had designing it for you.