About Us

How it all began

I was in my late 30s when I first realised the value of an active lifestyle. 

Over years, what intrigued me was that with the same eating parameters, same workouts and same amount of time spent exercising, different people had different results.

Slowly, I discovered the ‘SMALL’ big difference: MOVEMENT

Most of us go back to ten-hour desk jobs after exercising for 60/ 90 minutes, take the lift instead of the stairs, spend a lot of time on the sofa, in the chair with very little movement because we worked out for 90 minutes.

Some research and thinking later, I discovered a lifestyle which is now called N.E.A.T. (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis), adding more energy expenditure through movements all day long, like walking or cycling to office, taking stairs instead of lifts and using a standing desk instead of sitting. The compound effect of including seemingly small movements that led to better results.

This gave birth to the idea for a fit citizen…Fitizen!

As I ventured into the world of movement friendly products, my people interactions taught me something insightful. People choose to incorporate changes easily if it fits into their already existing world. That is what FITIZEN did next.

We married concepts of continuous movement and ergonomics to offer “Movement Desks” that make it easy for you to make healthy choices; this remains our DNA. Our products fit into hybrid environments, small or large spaces, even up the wall!

That said, Fitizen continues to explore and experiment lifestyles choices that positively impact your health. As I write this, we are toying with Simple balanced eating concepts and also looking at reinventing age-old swing & lift workouts that can be done anytime, anywhere.

At Fitizen we passionately intend to add more movement, balance and mobility to your life. 

Keep Moving, Movement is Life!

Reji Mathew, Founder, FITIZEN

Our Values


A healthy YOU is at the core of everything that we envision, conceptualise and act on.


We strike a balance between basics, functionality and aesthetics by adopting minimalism as a philosophy in designing our products for you.


We want you to have as much fun adding movement to your life as we had designing it for you.