Col. Avdhesh Kumar (Retired)
Chi Running & Chi Walking Instructor of India

Get Fitter the Smart Way: Learn Chi-Running & Chi-Walking. As children, we enjoyed walking and running as a natural and effortless activity.

However, as time passed by and life happened and we developed inappropriate postures due to inactive lifestyles and other wrong habits. Our walking or running reflects all of these. Most of us become vertical or power walkers/runners, some of us start using the strength in our legs to walk/run faster. Over time our structural Load Capacity decreases putting more stress load per stride – a perfect ground for injuries which affect our fitness goals.

Danny Dreyer, the founder of Chi running based Chi Running/ Chi Walking from his 30-year practice of T’ai Chi and his 45 years of illustrious running. You can now learn to blend walking/running with the movement principles of T’ai Chi to create balance, strength improve energy efficiency and prevents injuries.

Chi-Running & Chi-Walking offers simple and instantly doable steps for you to 

-        Run Consciously

-        Correct form 

-        Prevent injuries & overuse of muscles

-        Optimise knee and ankle movements

-        Decrease load impact on the body

-        Enhance your walking/running abilities effortlessly (well almost!)

A few hours over a single weekend and India’s only Certified Chi Running & Chi Walking Instructor - Col(Retd) Avdhesh Kumar that is all what it takes to introduce you to this concept of applied Physics & Biodynamics.


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