Fitizen Gift Cards

Fitizen Gift Cards

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Gift your loved ones the goodness of a Fit & Active lifestyle

Anytime is a good time for gifts Birthdays, Festivals, Anniversaries, January – what better a gift than health!

Nudge your family & friends to hop on to fitness train today. Fitizen has something for everyone. The workaholics may cherish the movement desk to stay active even while at work, your ‘fit and fab’ friends might really get excited with the collection and a beginner might find the much-needed motivation to start when introduced to the home workout equipment and our training guides.

Make fitness fun for your friends and loved one; ease them into healthy habits effortlessly!


1.Can the gift card be used multiple times?

Yes. As long the value lasts, it can be used. Example: If I am buying a jump ropes for 499 and have a gift card worth 1000 INR, for my next purchase for the gift card will contain INR 501.

2.Can I add money to the gift card?

No, a gift card is issued in specific denominations and once created, cannot be altered.

3.Can I use more than one gift card in one order?

Yes, you can enter multiple gift cards at the checkout stage and it will add up and credit against your total payment.

4.Is there a way to track the balance of my gift card?

No, we would be unable to track the system-generated code once the gift card is issued and only the user is privy to the information.

5.What happens when an order paid through a gift card is refunded?

The amount goes back into the gift card to be used in future.

6.Can I return the gift card?

No, the gift card is non-refundable.

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