Infuser Bottle - Detox water - Tea, Fruits infuser

Infuser Bottle - Detox water - Tea, Fruits infuser

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Hydration is an underrated fitness component. On an average 60% of our body is just water! Infused water makes it easier for people to consume more water than they usually would because of the variety of infusions that can be made.

 Use our infusion bottles to infuse water with fresh fruits, vegetables or herbs, or may be add your favorite tea bag to it. We have even added a bunch of infusion ideas for you!

 It’s a great replacement for juice/soda or any other beverages one is used to because of its zero-sugar content. Your simple calorie cutter!

  • BPA free borosilicate glass
  • Seamless & pure steel filter
  • Food grade silicon ring and leak-proof steel cap
  • Recyclable, eco- friendly, easy to clean
  • Multi use bottle, 
  • Suitable for hot/cold beverage


Give water a boost of natural flavour!