The Fitizen Kit
The Fitizen Kit
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The Fitizen Kit

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The Fitizen Kit

‘Well Begun is Half Done’

Fitness ≠ Workouts

Fitness = Nutrition + Workouts + Movement + Posture

The Fitizen Kit has been developed with an intent to initiate you into a fitness lifestyle. A lifestyle that effortlessly replaces your current routines and way of life. An active lifestyle rather than just an exercise style.

The Fitizen Kit is with you through your day. The bottle of infused water you have first thing in the morning, the workout kits, the risers for your posture to the movement desk for active work life to the meal plates you use for breakfast, lunch & dinner. We call it the Fitizen Way…or is it Day J



A good posture not only helps you in your day-to-day lifestyle, but also it’s the strong foundation in better fitness & better lifestyles. ZEN helps you correct your posture while sitting and also it enable you to switch between sit to stand work. Minimalistically designed, the ZEN series of is made in sustainable re- engineered wood and steels bars .Its a perfect combination of form and function

Each ZEN has 3 major components, steel bars, steel shelf holders and re-engineered wood shelves. Each shelf holder is provided with a very efficient locking mechanism on the side to ensure that shelves are always fixed on the frame. This makes it easy to unlock and move the shelves up and down.

Use ZEN and add movement to your Life

  • Dimensions: 600mm X 300mm X 600mm
  • Shelf dimension: 600mm X 300mm
  • Material: Steel pipes & Re-engineered wood
  • Weight: 10kg
  • Colours: Dark Grey & Brown,





A portion plate is an intelligent way of eating food in portion sizes as well as follows guidelines on how much of each type of food you should be eating during a meal. Portion plates are visually divided to ensure you eat healthy and balanced diet. The balanced portion plate consists of 4 main food groups Proteins, Vegetables, Carbohydrates and Fat. It’s designed to promote a healthy lifestyle through a well balanced diet.


Choose your portion plates as per your diet plans. The balanced portion plate is for balanced eating for overall nutrition.


  • Dimensions: 10”
  • Material: Bone China
  • Colour: White plate with designs


The foods we choose, makes the difference!


INFUSION BOTTLE- Detox water - Tea, Fruits infuser


Detox water is a simple way to improve your health and well being. Water is infused with fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. Lemon /Lime is the most popular detox ingredient. It’s easier to drink more water when it’s infused. You can add any green tea bag also to this Infusion Bottle.


It’s a great replacement for juice or soda and hence a great reduction in sugar consumption. Low in calories and gets rid of toxins from the body.


  • BPA free borosilicate glass
  • Seamless & pure steel filter
  • Food grade silicon ring and leak-proof steel cap
  • Recyclable, eco- friendly, easy to clean
  • Multi use bottle,
  • Suitable for hot/cold beverage


Give you water a boost of natural flavour!





Perfect weight training set for beginners, a 3kg Club, a 6kg Kettle bell & a 5kg Dumbbell set.

An excellent Kit to start your weight-training journey.

CLUBS- 3kg

The 3kg clubs can be used for mobility, balance, and conditioning. It enhances your overall fitness through mobility workouts. These light clubs are good for joints, tendons, and small muscles and built a good foundation while preparing for further intense workouts The clubs offer good rotational training if you use it for various transverse plane movements, your rotational power will increase dramatically. It also helps in providing good balance workouts.


The 6kg most versatile tool for your home workouts.  Inspired by the demands for work out from home, it is carefully constructed to meet all your strength & swing mobility requirements. Swing or Press or try any other movement exercise with these kettle bells, they are flawlessly designed to suit your mobility & strength workouts. 

DUMBBELLS (set of two 5kg)

The most basic tool for your home workouts.  Inspired by the demands for work out from home, dumbbell is designed to meet all your training requirements. Perfect for workouts and even for the safety of floors too. Smooth enough to handle quick lift workouts rubber coated enough for heavy strength & mobility workouts; these dumbbells are built to provide performance  & sturdiness for all your workouts. The hexagonal shape enables you to do various push up workouts along with your routine lift or swing workouts. Due to its shape, easy for storage.